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Facts & Figures

  • Republic of Rwanda
  • President: Paul Kagame (2000)
  • Land area: 9,633 sq mi (24,949 sq km); 
  • Total area: 10,169 sq mi (26,338 sq km)
  • Population (2014 est.): 12,337,138 (growth rate: 2.63%); birth rate: 34.61/1000; infant mortality rate: 59.59/1000; life expectancy: 59.26
  • Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Kigali, 1.004 million
  • Monetary unit: Rwanda franc
  • National name: Repubulika y’u Rwanda
  • Languages: Kinyarwanda, French, and English (all official); Kiswahili in commercial centers
  • Ethnicity/race: Hutu 84%, Tutsi 15%, Twa (Pygmoid) 1%
  • Religions: Roman Catholic 49.5%, Protestant 39.4%, Islam 1.8%, indigenous beliefs 0.1%, none 3.6%, other 0.6% (2002)
  • Literacy rate: 71.1% (2010 est.)

Rwanda – The Land of A Thousand Hills

Rwanda is one of East Africa’s emerging tourism destinations. It shares the mountain gorillas with Uganda and Congo and offers wonderful once a year opportunity of naming baby gorillas to much pomp.

Kigali, the capital city is reputed for its orderliness and cleanliness while its tourism potential includes a rich cultural display and wildlife offers. From canopy walks in Nyungwe Forest to canoeing on Lake Kivu, the Land of a Thousand Hills is a mesmerizing experience to the discerning tourist.

Visit Volcanoes National Park, at the foot of the Virunga Mountains bordering Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Immerse yourself in the 970 sq km Nyungwe Forest in the southeast, one of the world’s most ancient forests, dating back to before the Ice Age. Test your altitude balance at 75m in the air canopy walk suspended above the forest. It is in this very forest that over 3020 species of birds can be seen; an ornithologist’s gold mine.

Soak in the sand at the tranquil Lake Kivu beaches or drive east to enjoy sightings of Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Leopard in the Akagera National Park.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safaris

Rwanda safaris and tours are dominated by trips to the picturesque Volcanoes National Park or as called in French, Parc National des Volcans, which is home to the Rwanda’s mountain gorillas and has other tourist attractions as well such as golden monkeys, late Dian Fossey’s grave, and the Karisoke Research Centre. Most activities can be combined with the Mt. Karisimbi / Mt. Bisoke hiking which adds to the gorilla expedition adventures and provides more time to appreciate the scintillating beauty of this country which is aptly named as the “land of a thousand hills”.

Rwanda safaris other than gorillas, also introduce tourists to many other primates in the Nyungwe Forest National Park of which chimpanzees and clolobus monkeys are quite famous. This national park is also a great place for birdwatching and is known as a top destination for birding and forest walking trips. Other safari destinations in Rwanda include Akagera National Park (for wildlife), Lake Kivu, and a number of cultural centres including the genocide memorials. Below is the list of Rwanda Safaris we offer; feel free to contact us for a custom tour also.

Featured Rwanda Safaris