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Immerse Yourself in Ugandan Culture

Uganda is not only rich in nature and wildlife, but also has an undiscovered, fascinating heritage for our cultural tours. Four major kingdoms and well-established chiefdoms are found in Uganda, all with their own different habits and lifestyles.

Our cultural tours give you the chance to explore the real Africa and learn about the wide, fascinating culture of the tribes in Uganda. Visit Kampala for an introduction with some interesting, historical sites. Marvel at the Source of the Nile where Speke discovered the true origin of the river Nile. Follow the green trail to life in the Rwenzori Mountains and explore the culture from the different tribes for a true cultural immersion.

Uganda’s cultural history is rich and dynamic dating from 14th century when the interlucustrine kingdoms were formed. People here are very hospitable and receptive to foreigners. Cultural sites such as Kasubi Tombs , Uganda Museum and Namugongo martyrs shrines have attracted both local and international tourists.

There are 56 different tribal cultures in Uganda from the Baganda of Kampala and its surrounds, the Karamojong of the North East and the IK people on the edge of South Sudan, to the people of the Bakiga of Bwindi and the Batwa Pygmies. The dance, language, food, ceremonies and traditions of Uganda are fascinating with countless opportunities to immerse yourself in a host of cultural experiences.

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