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Photography safaris in Uganda, Kenya and beyond

Take amazing pictures of wildlife at specifically arranged photography safaris. Our experienced guides know exactly where the sunset is breathtaking or where the elusive king of the jungle comes to quench his thirst. Whether you need guidance of simply being pointed in the right direction, we have you covered with professional photographer guides who not only speak your language they are share your passion.

Uganda’s spectacular wildlife, birds and dramatic landscapes are a treat for any photographer. The best region to visit for a photographic holiday is Western Uganda, where the biggest highlight will be photographing mountain gorillas from just a few metres away in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

A camera that performs well in low light is ideal, as the forest environment can be quite dark and dense. A zoom lens (70 – 200 mm is best) is great for getting close-up shots of the gorillas. Ideally, it’s best to have two camera bodies with different lenses on each one, as there often isn’t any time to change lenses when the gorillas are on the move.

Remember to turn your flash off – flash photography is not permitted on a gorilla trekking expedition.

So whether you are photographing for research or simply for personal collections, chat with us to take you to the best sites.

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