November 13, 2020

Top 3 Places To visit on a Short Safari Adventure in Uganda

Top 3 Places To visit on a Short Safari Adventure in Uganda

Wondering on whether to visit or come back to Uganda for an adventure holiday? If your answer is YES, then prepare for a magical thrilling adventure safari in the pearl of Africa by exploring below the top 3 places To visit on a Short Safari Adventure in Uganda

Endowed with greatness and amazing flora and fauna, Uganda is gifted with a big wish list of places for you which cannot be possibly seen at a single time. Without wasting a single minute you can start Uganda Safari after stepping at Entebbe International Airport that is located at Entebbe Town near the shores of Lake Victoria. There are many interesting things to be followed throughout the journey so keep your heart lumping and thumping in Uganda Destinations.

At least you have read or already know that Uganda is the best place for primate trekking that includes some of the endangered ancestors like Chimpanzees and Mountain Gorillas. Apart from these activities, many thrilling and adventurous activities can be done here like canoeing safari, fishing, boating, golfing, etc. The most interesting thing about Uganda Safari is you don’t have to make any separate visa for this nation whereas a common east African tour visa is eligible here.

  1. Visit and Explore Entebbe Town

Welcome to the land of Uganda via Entebbe Town after landing on the “Entebbe International Airport” from where your Uganda Safari starts. After stepping out of your flight you don’t have to get bore inside the airport in place of that you can come out of and watch the wonders of this village. There are several things and places to see over here, these are some out of them:

  • Botanical Garden which seems to be like a jungle so was chosen as the suiting set of Hollywood movies Tarzan.
  • There are some VIP areas too like Uganda State House, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, Churches, and British colony.
  • You can also take some cool fresh air on the shores of Lake Victoria as well as enjoy the game of golf in Entebbe Golf Club.

2. Visit and Explore Kampala City

Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Namugongo , one of the top destinations to visit in Kampala

Kampala is the oldest as well as the central city of Uganda Destinations having one of its side facing lake Victoria as well as it is having a beautiful chain of 7 mountain where all the mountains are having some unique features and the 7 alphabets on the name of Kampala is derived by 7 mountains. There are many other things which can be seen here like red tile villa, Baha’I Temple, Shik Street, Uganda Museum, Kibuli Mosque, and the biggest market of Kampala.

If you want to visit some historical sites of Uganda then Namugongo Martyrs can be the best place for you to visit. It is a combination of 22 Martyrs which were built during the 18th century which shows the loyalty of the people for the King. This is also considering one of the holy places of the Christian community.

3. Visit the Source of Nile in Jinja

Visit East Africa’s largest adventure capital “Jinja” and know about how a real adventure looks like in the area of the Mibara Forest Area. Jinja is also known as the source of river Nile as it’s landside touches the great Lake Victoria. Here you can also have a glimpse of the marvelous facilities of the Golf Club with 9 perfect holes as well as boating is available to be sportive. You can also have the cultural tour in Uganda Destinations as it is having the beautiful Hindu temple of Satya Naryan in front of which you can see the statue of popular Indian man Mahatma Gandhi made up of bronze.

So, after knowing about these top cities to visit in Uganda, isn’t your curiosity increasing? If yes, then you shouldn’t wait for the perfect time. Get ready with all your luggage packed, then just open your browser and book your safari with us.

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